Nola Garrett: poet & translator
The Pastor's Wife Advises Economy
The Pastor's Wife Advises Economy
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Long day. The good rain falls. Lay down
your brittle bones, your worn out heart, your cancer.
Breathe in. Breathe out...out. Out
somewhere between recollection and your dream

of a landscape of flowers that never fade,
you close the gate. Another gate opens.
Long day. The good fire burns. Lie down.
Remember that your robe is a robe of clay.

You have become a murmuring among
an ecomomy of bones, scattered prayers,
benches, a winding path, a concrete angel.
Long day. The good wind blows. Lie down

alone to know the busy earth and Yahweh
will hold you precious for your lacy sherds.

GEORGIA REVIEW, (Summer, 2000)